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Pathways to Permanent Residence

Settle in Australia at the end of your studies

A growing number of people are coming to study in Australia with the intention to apply for permanent residence when they have completed their studies. At the present time four different ON-SHORE VISAS are available under the General Skilled Migration Program. These visas allow overseas students to gain Permanent Residence and take up employment in Australia upon the completion of their studies, without having to return to their home country.

How do you qualify for this?

  • you must have completed one or more qualifications (degree, diploma or trade qualification)
  • as a result of at least 2 years of full time study at an Australian institution,
  • in the 6 months immediately before you submit your visa application,
  • while you are living in Australia.

The Australian Government has
relaxed the 2 years of full-time study requirement:
provided that you complete the equivalent of a full 2-year (4-semester) program, it is now possible to qualify if you accelerate your studies and complete them
in 16 months.

Don't make a bad choice!

If it is your intention to migrate to Australia and you see a period of study in Australia as a pathway to realising this goal, it is of critical importance that your decision about what and where to study are taken in the light of this ultimate goal. As a Migration Agent located in Adelaide we frequently deal with overseas students wishing to apply for permanent residence who have made bad choices and taken the wrong decisions or who have been badly advised as to

  • which course to do,
  • which insitution to choose, and/or
  • which city to go to.

In some cases this has meant that the student could not submit an application for permanent residence, in other cases it meant that the student had to change their study program or the institution where they were enrolled (usually involving additional expense), in yet other cases it has meant that the student had to make a significant and often unwanted career change.

Read some telling examples

We have created a special page with a number of "case studies", which indicate the kinds of issues you need to consider if you see a period of study in Australia as a pathway to migration.

Visit our Migration website

If you are interested in emigrating to Australia without coming here to study first, you should have a look at our companion website "www.migrateoz.com", which is dedicated to all matters emigrational. AMES is formally qualified to assist you with advice about migration issues (unlike most other Education Agents, in particular those working outside Australia). Our Managing Director, Juan Tobella, is a Registered Migration Agent (Migration Agent Registration Number 0322580) and we are therefore able to assist you and your family not only with your educational requirements, but also with all migration matters.

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You can now gain
on completion of your studies.

You'll have a choice of
under the General Skilled Migration category. But you need to plan ahead carefully and ensure you make the right decisions: check our case studies!

To find out which visa is best for you and what you need to do,
Send us your Details!

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