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Course Structures

Most centres structure their programs in 4 or 5 week modules, or 10-week modules with blocks of 5 weeks. Students' progress is monitored continuously and promotion to a higher level is usually possible at the end of every module. It is best to plan your arrival date so that you can start at the beginning of a module, though most language centres allow you to start on any Monday. As a general rule, University language centres have a two-week break between courses every 10 weeks, while the other language centres run courses back-to-back. The breaks give you an opportunity to see other parts of Australia or to devote time to independent study.

Teaching Hours

Australian English Language Centres typically offer their students 20 to 25 hours of tuition per week, with the minimum being 20 hours. Language centres in other countries often offer 18 hours of tuition per week, so in Australia you will get "more bang for your buck" (an expression for "value for money").


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