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The Australian Education System

In many countries there is an unconnected system of educational qualifications. Australia on the other hand has a single national and comprehensive system of national qualifications which are the basis of the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).

The Australian Qualifications Framework is a national system endorsed by the Australian Government, so AQF qualifications are recognised all around Australia as well as by other countries.

AQF qualifications link with each other, creating learning pathways between school, vocational education and training and university as your education and career ambitions change or develop.

The Australian Qualifications Framework

In the world of the third millennium, most jobs will require a nationally-recognised qualification for entry, most careers will involve continuous upgrading of skills and knowledge, and most people will be engaged in lifelong learning.

AQF qualifications are a nationally recognised currency and facilitate access to employment, helping you to accommodate learning and earning. Under the AQF, you can start at the level that suits you and then build up as your needs and interests develop and change over time. In this way, AQF qualifications are a form of accrued personal power for everyone.

The Australian Qualifications Framework is an important resource for students planning their future learning and career pathways because the qualifications are designed in an flexible interlinking sequence, allowing you to move from one qualification to the next.

It can also assist you to navigate between a variety of different pathways, taking academic and vocational courses as you need and providing credit and recognition for the knowledge and skills you already have. Whether you want to win that new job, get a promotion, work interstate or overseas, change career or upgrade your skills, the AQF helps you make the most of your qualifications.

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