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Tuition Fees in Government schools are charged annually.

  • Primary School (Years 5 to 9) fees are A$ 8,000
  • High School (Years 10 to 12) fees are A$ 10,000

With the exception of the 50% discount offered to international students' dependent children, no other discount or scholarships are offered.

Tuition Fees in Private schools are also charged annually, but may vary considerably depending on whether or not the school is partly subsidised by the Government.

  • Primary School (Years 5 to 9) fees range from A$ 9,500 to A$16,000
  • High School (Years 10 to 12) fees range from A$ 10,000 to A$23,000

Most schools offer a discount on tuition fees to second and subsequent siblings enrolled in the same school as well as to children of former students.

A limited number of scholarships, which are granted on the basis of academic merits or excellence in special interest subjects (eg. music), are available to international students. However, they will not usually be granted for the first year of enrolment.

The cost of compulsory uniforms in private schools ranges from A$500 to A$1,000.

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