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AMES believes that under-age students require special care and attention, different from older students, and that their parents will expect this. Parents feel better at ease if they know that their child's wellfare and academic progress is being monitored. When an under-age student enrolls in an Australian institution with AMES's help, we provide such monitoring services: we are committed to ensure that the student is well cared for and makes good progress in their studies.

However, the number of schools in Australia one could recommend runs into the hundreds; it is impossible for us to know all of them well enough to implement this policy. Because we are located in Adelaide, our focus us on schools in Adelaide. We have established personal relationships with a number of schools and receive copies of student's progress reports every quarter. When the school feels that something needs to be brought to the attention of the parents, they contact us first, so that we can get in touch with the parents and discuss the matter with them in their own language.

Adelaide has more than 50 schools catering for international students.

Only 40 schools in Australia offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma - 7 of these are located in Adelaide - 6 are private, 1 is a Government school.

Just 16 schools in Australia have gained accreditation by the Council of International Schools, joining a select group of only 250 schools worldwide, which includes the International School of Geneve, the UN International School in New York, the American School in London and the International School of Paris. 3 of the 16 Australian schools are located in Adelaide; two of them are Government schools, one is a private school.

Government schools are co-educational and non-confessional. Private schools on the other hand can be Girls-only, Boys-only or Co-educational. Furthermore, if you require a school with a specific christian orientation, the private school system includes both Roman-Catholic and Protestant (Anglican, United Church, Lutheran) schools.

As you can see, Adelaide offers you a wide choice of superior options for your child's schooling.

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While the majority of schools in Australia are authorised to accept students from Year 8 upwards, some are able to accept younger students.


Getting a place in Year 8 or Year 9 is difficult and needs to be planned well in advance - AMES recommends starting the process at least 1 year ahead of time.

If you have left it too late and and have encountered problems when you tried to enroll your child in a school in Australia, contact AMES: we will find a place for your child in a suitable school and assist with his/her enrolment in the school of your choice the following year.

Send us your Details and for a small consultation fee of just US$100 AMES will give you comprehensive and detailed personalised advice on your child's study options


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