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Why do a TAFE course?

TAFE offers an alternative pathway to University

One of the main reasons why students decide to do a TAFE course is because it provides an alternative pathway into a university award program: if you do not have the academic qualifications required for university entrance, you can enrol first at a TAFE institution to do a Diploma or Advanced Diploma and then go on to university. In many cases a TAFE (Advanced) Diploma will give you status for your university course: this means that you can enter the third or fourth semester of the university program of your choice, instead of starting in the first year.

TAFE offers an alternative to an Advanced English course

Another reason why international students do a TAFE course is when they have reached an advanced level of English and want to stay in Australia a little longer. A TAFE course gives them an opportunity to practice their English in a real-life context and at the same time learn more about a subject they are interested in. In other words, if you want to stay in Australia for more than one year, you could begin with an English language course at an English Australia centre and then enrol in a TAFE Certificate or (Advanced) Diploma course. The good thing about this is that if you have done any tertiary study in your home country, you could do an advanced level TAFE course and end up with a TAFE Diploma or Advanced Diploma after a fairly short time.

A TAFE course can add value to your first degree

Increasingly, people with a first (Bachelors) degree are realising the value of following up with a related TAFE course. The hands-on orientation of TAFE adds a much-appreciated practical dimension to the knowledge and skills they have gained at University. For example, if you have a degree in Engineering, the practical approach of a TAFE course will complement the theoretical bias of your degree program and may enhance your employment prospects.

TAFE provides an affordable pathway to migration.

Many prospective students have the ultimate goal of applying for Permanent Residence on completion of their studies. TAFE offers a less expensive way to meet Australia's 2-year study requirement than do the universities. You have to be careful though! Your choice of program is critical, as it has to lead to a Skills Assessment that is acceptable for migration purposes. The options currently available are broader than the ones typically suggested by agents - Hairdressing and Commercial Cookery. Contact us for details of the TAFE institutes AMES recommends as providers of courses suitable for migration purposes.

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