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The differences you have to consider prior to making a decision as to which university is most appropriate for you have to do with specific disciplines or areas of specialisation. For example, a university with an international reputation in Medicine or Political Studies does not necessarily provide the best degree programs in Computing Systems Engineering or International Business.

In determining which institutions offer the best programs in a specific academic discipline or area of specialisation, AMES is guided by information provided by the Australian Vice-Chancellors Committee, the Commonwealth Department of Employment, Training and Further Education, the Graduate Careers Council of Australia, the Australian Good Universities Guide, as well as independent surveys conducted by professional associations such as the Australian Institute of Engineers, the Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists and Managers, Australia (APESMA), and the Australian Institute of Management.

In responding to enquiries in regard to a particular discipline or area of specialisation AMES' strategy is:

  1. to recommend a limited number of institutions for your consideration, together with an explanation of the criteria we have used, as well as a list of specific web pages which you might like to go to for further details, and
  2. to narrow our recommendations down to one or two institutions by paying attention to other criteria that are relevant to your particular situation, such as length of the program, entry requirements, English Language training options, starting dates, tuition costs, credit transfer arrangements, life style, cost of living, student support facilities, etc.

In order to receive this information, you need to appoint us as your Education Agent. Once you have done so, we communicate with you on a regular basis, by email and by telephone.

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