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Scholarships, Stipends and Loans

It is pretty well impossible for an international student to obtain a Scholarship or a Stipend for undergraduate study in Australia. It is not too difficult, however, to obtain a study loan in your home country, though this will depend to some extent on the nature of the course you choose.

Postgraduate students, however, may be eligible for a Scholarship or a Stipend, especially if they are doing research in particular fields at PhD (and sometimes at Masters) level.

AMES has a growing database of information on what is available and what you need to do to obtain financial support for your studies in Australia and we are happy to share this information with people who have appointed us as their Education Agent.

Please, don't send us an email requesting information about Scholarships for study in Australia! We receive many such emails, but we only provide advice on Scholarships to people for whom we act as Education Agent.

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