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Postgraduate Programs

There are two main pre-requisites for entry to a postgraduate study program:

  1. you must have completed a first (undergraduate) degree. (Some universities accept you, at the discretion of the particular Head of School, if you have a lesser qualification, provided you have substantial relevant workexperience).
  2. you must provide evidence that your English Proficiency Level is at least equivalent to IELTS level 6.5, 7 or 7.5, depending on the program/university.

In many cases, especially with the MBA, a minimum period of appropriate work experience is required, varying from 2 to 5 years depending on the insitution.

If there is no relation between your first degree and the Masters program you want to do, you will probably have to enrol first in a Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma, which on successful completion leads on to the final part of the Masters. For example, if your first degree is a Bachelor of Science and you want to do a Masters of Commerce, you will need to do an appropriate Graduate Diploma first (eg in Commerce or Management). This will give you the fundamental knowledge and skills required for entry to the Masters program and it will give you status towards your Masters of Commerce degree, so that you can enter in the second or third semester.

If your first degree is related to the postgraduate program you wish to enrol in, you can usually gain direct access to a Masters by Coursework program. If you want to do a Masters by Research program, you must have achieved at least an average mark of Credit in your first degree, or you must first complete a Graduate Diploma. Some Australian universities will grant you status for postgraduate work you have done in your own country or elsewhere, as well as for relevant work experience.

For international students one of the main attractions of doing postgraduate studies at an Australian university is that in Australia - if you have the ability - you are strongly encouraged to undertake a Postgraduate Research Program, which can lead to a PhD. If you are aiming to gain a PhD, your best strategy is to enrol first in a Masters by Research program. For this you need to submit full details of your academic record, references from relevant academics, and a research proposal.

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