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Australian Universities enjoy an international reputation for excellence and are part of a world-wide community of academic scholarship. Australian academics are recruited from all over the world, and conversely are in high demand to teach and do research at institutions all over the world, as are our graduates.

Since the late eighties there has been a determined effort in Australia to "internationalise" the university system, not only through a growing body of international students, but also through an ever expanding range of collaboration agreements and staff- and student-exchange programs.

Australian universities receive subtantial funding from the Australian government for both teaching and research purposes, though there is growing pressure on universities these days to gain additional funds from other sources. Nearly all universities are established by an act of parliament and they are accountable to the government for much of their activity. All institutions that accept international students must comply with the ESOS (Education Services for Overseas Students) Act 2000, as well as the ESOS Amendment Bill 2009 and the National Code of Practice 2007, which require such institutions to be officially registered and to conform to a code of ethics in relation to the provision of international education, which includes grievance procedures. This means that the quality of the education and the services you receive at an Australian university is covered by legislation.

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