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Why use AMES?

If you are like a typical AMESclient, you will search the internet for information about study opportunities, request brochures and other promotional material from a variety of educational institutions, and then go and see one or two study travel agents in your home town and ask them for advice.

AMES is based in Australia and we know the Australian education system from the inside. This means that we know how to contact the relevant people in the institutions and the study programs which you want to know more about. We are therefore much better placed than an overseas consultant to help you with:

  • the assessment and processing of your application,
  • the transfer of credit for your previous qualifications,
  • getting you recognition for prior learning and experience,
  • negotiating the content and assessment of a "Study Abroad" program.

We negotiate directly on your behalf with the appropriate people to determine your eligibility for the course, before your formal application is forwarded to the institution concerned. This will save you a lot of time, frustration and expense. We also know what needs to be done when you want to apply for a Postgraduate Research Program, and we can advise you whether and how you can apply for a Scholarship (though these are quite difficult to obtain).

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