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About Australian Migration & Education Solutions

AMES is an Australian organisation based in Adelaide, the capital of South Australia. The staff at AMES are education specialists of European origin who until recently used to work in higher education institutions in Adelaide and who travel regularly to the regions our clients come from. We believe that Australia offers students from Europe, Latin America and Asia a first-class environment for pursuing further studies. If you are thinking of studying overseas, you should consider Australia as a genuine alternative to other English-speaking countries.

As you would expect, AMES offers you first of all a comprehensive package of Pre-Arrival Services, like other Education Agents. But, unlike other Education Agents, AMES can also provide you with a range of excellent Post-Arrival Services. We can do so because we are located in Australia itself.

AMES's primary function is to provide you with advice and assistance if you wish to come and study in Australia, like other Education Agents. But, unlike other Education Agents, AMES is also authorized to offer you advice and assistance with all matters to do with emigrating to Australia. We can do so, because our Managing Director is a Registered Migration Agent; he is officially registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA), and is also a member of the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA).

These are just two of many reasons why you should find it worthwhile to make AMES your Agent and use our services to the fullest extent, including our On-Line English Language Test and our Professional Migration Eligibility Assessment Report.

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