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Renting an apartment or a house allows you to live with friends or on your own.

This type of accommodation gives you independence, but it has the disadvantage that you will have to do all the housework yourself, including buying food and general household items, preparing your meals, keeping the house clean, doing your own laundry, etc etc.

Be careful: there are complications

A complication for many students is that you are required to sign a lease of at least 6 months (very often 12 months), pay a bond of 4 weeks rent, and provide references. Another complication is that rental accommodation in Australia is often "part-furnished", which means that you will have the expense of buying some of your own furniture. Fortunately, there are lots of second-hand furniture shops in Australia, which offer good furniture at quite reasonable prices.

Cost of renting

The cost of rental accommodation varies greatly from one city to another and it is hard to generalise. Expect to pay anywhere between AU$175 and AU$500 per week, depending on the type of accommodation - studio, 2-bedroom apartment, 3-bedroom house - and depending on the standard and the location.

Included in the rent is the cost of water usage and repairs, but not electricity and gas. A telephone is not provided, but getting a telephone connected takes just one day in Australia and costs only AU$ 50.

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