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Your accommodation options

In choosing your accommodation you have three main options:

Most English students find that when they first arrive in Australia it is best to stay with a family to start with. University students can take on-campus temporary accommodation or go into a Student Residence. These options provide a secure, stable and friendly environment for you, which is important when you come to a new country and a different lifestyle. It also gives you time to talk to other students, find out what they are doing about accommodation and decide what you want to do yourself in the longer term.

Which option is best?

The answer depends on a number of things, such as your age, your past experience, your goals and the length of your stay in Australia. If you appoint us as your Education Agent we will discuss the various options with you and make a recommendation in the light of the information you provide. We will also provide you with links to a number of Australia-wide Accommodation web sites which can help you plan your accommodation arrangements in accordance with your budget.

We will help you

If you decide to come and study in Adelaide, AMES will assist in finding accommodation for you, not only for when you first arrive, but also later if you want to change to another type of accommodation. If you prefer to study elsewhere in Australia, the institution where you enrol will have an Accommodation Officer who will arrange appropriate accommodation for you.

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