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Travelling to Australia

Can take a long time

While it is relatively easy to get to Australia from any country in Asia, if you are from Europe or Latin America you're in for a long flight - getting to Australia can take up to 36 hours. It is wise therefore to choose an airline which makes you feel reasonably comfortable on the trip and which does not force you to have too many stop-overs or to have stop-overs which involve many hours of sitting around in an airport lounge.

Have a "Stop-Over" if you can

On the other hand, if there is a flight which allows you to spend a night in a hotel somewhere on your way to Australia (often at the airline's expense), you should consider it seriously: a good night's sleep on the way here helps you cope with the time difference, lessens the jet-lag, and lets you arrive less exhausted than you would otherwise be.

Most major airlines have regular flights from the main European airports to Australia and there are a number of smaller operators who offer less expensive fares, usually in return for less comfort and a longer and more complicated journey. Services from Latin America offer less choice, but the situation is steadily improving.


The cost of your airfare will vary, depending on your itinerary, the time of the year when you are travelling (peak or low season), and the duration of the ticket (the period of time between your departure date and your return date).

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