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English Australia and UECA

English AustraliaOf the nearly 250 English Language Centres in Australia, just 99 are members of English Australia (EA). The EA is an self-regulatory industry body that works closely with the NEAS and various Australian Government agencies to promote Australian English Language courses internationally and to ensure that international students who come to Australia to learn English go back home happy and satisfied with the experience.

More than 80% of international students studying English in Australia study at an ENGLISH AUSTRALIA college. They recognise the commitment to quality that ENGLISH AUSTRALIA membership represents. If you decide to go to a Language Centre that is a member of the EA, you can be certain of a quality experience.


University English Centres Australia30 Australian Language Centres that are associated with a university in Australia have joined together in the University English Centres Australia (UECA). For international students who are planning to enter an Australian university a UECA member centre provides the right kind of learning environment, because they are better able to respond to the special needs of students preparing for tertiary study and are specialised in English for Academic Purposes courses and University Direct Entry Programs, including study skills training.

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