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Health Insurance

Everyone coming to Australia will need at least Health Insurance.

What to do if you have Student Visa

If you are coming to Australia as an international student, it is a condition of your Student Visa that you must have private health insurance for the duration of your stay in Australia, as you are not covered by Australia's national health program, Medicare.

Australia provides a specific insurance program for international students, the Overseas Students Health Cover (OSHC), which is affordable and designed to cover the health services you may need as a student. It will help you pay for medical and hospital care while studying in Australia and will contribute towards the cost of most prescription medicines and emergency ambulance transport.

What to do if you have another Visa

If you are coming to Australia not on a Student Visa, but on any other type of Visa, the Australian Immigration Department may require proof that you have some form of health insurance. If you are a resident of Finland, Ireland, Italy, Malta, the Netherlands or the UK, there is no problem, as Australia has reciprocal Medicare arrangements with these countries (though you should be aware that these arrangements exclude the cost of private patient medical and hospital treatment).

If you are

  • visiting Australia for work or an extended holiday and
  • staying in Australia for longer than one month and
  • not eligible for Medicare or
  • eligible for Medicare, but prefer to be treated privately,

AMES recommends that you take out one of the two excellent insurance packages offered by Medibank Private, either Visitors Cover or Working Visitors Cover. Please visit the Medibank Private website for details.

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