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Welcome to our STUDY IN AUSTRALIA web site!

If you are thinking about coming to Australia to study here, you should find this web site informative and helpful: it is based on the advice we have given our many clients over the past 11 years. Our advice covers all of the aspects you need to take into account in planning a period of study in Australia.

We can help you

By making the information we have gathered over the years available through this web site we are not only assisting our current clients, we also hope that it will convince you, if you are a visitor to the site, that we can help you too. If you believe AMES can assist you, we hope you will consider appointing us as your Education Agent.

Play it Safe

But why not "play it safe" and try us out first: send us your details by completing our Information Form. We will reply to you with some basic information which will help you get a better sense of what Australia can offer you personally.

Get full and comprehensive advice - for a small fee

If you are willing to pay us a Consultation Fee of just US$ 150, which is fully reimbursed when you appoint us as your Education Agent, you will.....

  • receive a Comprehensive Report setting out in detail the study options available to you, together with our recommendations,
  • have at least one free telephone interview (and probably several), in which we discuss our recommendations with you and answer any questions you may have, and
  • have all aspects of your Student Visa Application handled by us at no cost to you.

You would also be entitled .....

  • to do our On-line English Test: if you have not gained the required score in IELTS or TOEFL to gain admission to an educational institution in Australia, our test will tell you how many weeks you need to study English to gain entry to your preferred course of study, and
  • to receive an Assessment Report on your prospects of being eligible to gain Permanent Residence in Australia by completing a course at an educational institution in Australia, if this should be of benefit or of interest to you.

Find out what we are like first

But don't make up your mind rightaway. Have a good browse around our site to get a feel for what we are like!

Enjoy your visit!


With the help of the information on this (and other) sites, you may be able to decide what and where to study in Australia.

You can then make all the necessary arrangements yourself, but this is a pretty complicated process, so you may prefer to appoint an Education Agent to do everything for you.


Send us your Details and for a small consultation fee of just US$100 AMES will give you comprehensive and detailed personalised advice on your study options and ways to realise your goals, including a free On-line English Test and a free Assessment Report on your eligibility to emigrate to Australia - without any further obligation on your part!


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